• Do you find yourself sometimes eating to go unconscious or to avoid negative emotions?

  • Do you sometimes engage in negative self-talk around your body and your eating habits?

  • Would you like to re-establish a joyful relationship to food, eating, and your body?

The Mindful Eating Method helps you make peace with your relationship to food.
Eat with joy and without guilt.
Love and appreciate your body.

If you’re experiencing stress and anxiety around eating and food, my program, Mindful Eating Method may be a great option for you.

I am excited to work with a wide range of clients because I believe that each of us has the capacity to heal ourselves and learn to nurture ourselves in a kind and loving manner.

Mindful eating allows you to find calm, peace and joy in food.


  • Befriending and finding ease in your body

  • Reconnecting with and learning to trust your own judgment about how and what to feed yourself

  • Finding calm and confidence through mindfulness meditation, movement, and mindful eating practices

  • Making peace with food and stepping away from the “good food” and “bad food” categories

  • Recognizing how past conditioning such as family of origin, culture, etc. affects how you eat today

  • Recognizing and changing the tendency to eat to go unconscious or to avoid difficult situations

Find ease in your body and reconnect with your inner capacity for self-care in a kind and compassionate manner.

We live in a culture where we are constantly being taught to not listen to what our bodies really want and end up putting ourselves on diets which encourage us to rely on outside authorities to determine what, when, how, and why we should eat. Through the Mindful Eating Method, you will reconnect with the inner resources you have to make these decisions for yourself and not give up your own agency to the health and diet industry.

Through the Mindful Eating Method program, you will learn to reconnect with the felt-sensations within your body and learn how to experience what it is that you are hungry for and what you need. We live in a world that is increasingly experienced through social media. The more we are affected by unrealistic and often dangerous images of what we are told we should look like, the more likely we are to experience dissatisfaction with our bodies and diet in order to conform and contort our bodies to fit external authorities that do not have our best interests mind.

Make peace with your relationship to food.
Eat with joy and without guilt.
Love and appreciate your body.

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