Private Coaching

Mindfulness Eating Private Coaching

Private Coaching with me is an opportunity to experience personalized support and guidance. I offer limited one-on-one sessions as opportunity to go deep in a safe, compassionate space where we explore your specific situation.  I will hold the space for sacred transformation and healing.  If you are interested in exploring this opportunity, please schedule an initial inquiry.

Free Initial inquiry

20-30 minutes
EMAIL ME to schedule a time

This is your opportunity to ask me questions about the MiNDFUL EATING Method, and my approach to teaching mindful eating. We will discuss our potential work together and determine whether or not this program is the right fit for you. Click here to set up your free initial inquiry call.

Initial Session

75 minutes
Full Rate: $225
EMAIL ME to schedule a time

During our first session, we will begin with a full assessment including what attracted you to begin this program and to seek out support in mindful eating. We will discuss your relationship to food, any food related issues, and your goals during our work together.

This initial session will allow you to ask questions and share concerns about the program. I will provide you with an overview and plan for our individual sessions.

We will begin with foundational work in mindfulness meditation and learn the foundations of the MiNDFUL EATING Method including introductory mindful eating exercises. We will establish a plan of action and you will receive instruction for weekly mindful eating practices. I will provide you with a downloadable recorded meditation that you can begin to use right away and offer home practices to do on your own.

Follow Up Sessions

60 minutes
Full Rate: $175/session
I suggest 7 follow-up in addition to initial session.

Follow-up sessions built upon the work you did in previous sessions.

We begin with discussing weekly at home practice, successes and challenges that you experienced, and learn more mindfulness practices including walking meditation, body scan meditation, and additional mindful eating practices.

You will also experience first-hand the impact of different foods on mood, and learn about the conditions that lead to emotional eating and foundational practices to move out of the tendency to eat to numb emotions. You will also learn how to cultivate a more joyful and easeful relationship to food, nourishment, and your body. Follow up sessions will continue to hone your mindful eating practices and introduce new mindfulness skills.

Full 8-week MiNDFUL EATING Method Private Guidance (including Initial Session) Package: 1,250.00

  • Includes $225 Initial Session + 7 Follow up Sessions at $150 per session
  • Must be paid in full prior to initial session
  • Non-refundable
  • Must be used within 3 months of first scheduled package session